"People only see what is visible, measurable. God sees into the heart. He not only forgives our failures, He sees successes where no one else does - not even ourselves. Only God can give us credit for the angry words we did not speak, the temptations we resisted, the patience and gentleness little noticed and long forgotten by those around us. Just being human gives us value in His eyes, and trying to live with integrity makes us successful before Him. God redeems us from the sense and fear of failure because He sees us as no human eyes can see us. Some religions teach that God sees so clearly that He knows all our shameful thoughts and nasty secrets. I prefer to believe that God sees us so clearly that He knows better than anyone else our wounds and sorrows, the scars on our hearts from having wanted to do more and do better, and being told by the world that we never would." ~Rabbi Harold Kushner

12 April 2013

Just so you know...

...this is what I believe

-the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth.
-it was done through Joseph Smith who, for all his imperfections, is a prophet who was called by God.
-the Book of Mormon is indeed another testament of Jesus Christ.
-it is a book written thousands of years ago; though it was written for this day in age.
-Jesus Christ suffered in the garden of Gethsemane. He suffered at the hands of Roman guards, and then as a final insult was hung on a cross. After which, having completed his earthly mission, he commended his soul to God, his literal Father.
-through these actions, known as the Atonement, I can overcome adversity, be forgiven of my sins, and find peace in this life despite the tribulation around me.
-the Savior taught us to love one another as he loves us.
-in loving, the Savior treated all with love and respect.  He did good to his fellow man.
-in our loving one another as he loves us, we must do the same.
-marriage is an eternal institution.
-Heavenly Father intended marriage to be the sealing of one man and one woman to each other.
-this country was founded by people seeking freedom OF religion.
-this country was founded by people seeking freedom FROM religion.
-I prefer to be in an intimate, romantic relationship with a woman.
-sex is something that should be reserved for the bonds of marriage.
-My preference for the ladies is not a choice.
-I have preferred the ladies as far back as I can remember.
-I have the freedom to choose how to live my life.
-all people have this freedom.
-people are free to agree or disagree with one another.
-I cannot tell another person how to live their life.
-I cannot tell another person what their beliefs should be.
-I believe in absolute truth.
-I live in a world where everyone does not believe in absolute truth.
-I base my choices on my beliefs.
-I do not have all the answers.
-I do not expect all people to base their choices on my beliefs.
-I believe in following the laws of the land.
-I believe in our judicial process.
-Children deserve loving homes.
-there is something to be said for the absence/presence of a strong and loving female influence and a strong and loving male influence in a child's immediate surroundings.
-loving homes come in all shapes and sizes.
-I am a daughter of my Father in Heaven. He is the father of my spirit. I have the potential to be like him.
-ultimately my life is between myself and my Father in Heaven.

Also...my sister Kelli made this amazing video a few months back.  I believe in this video.

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